Using the School Building and Resources

While completing these projects, people are going to be working in a variety of different places and using a lot of different equipment. Mr. Falk will sometimes be near you but sometimes he'll be somewhere else in the building or parking lot making getting permission to do something challenging at best. Here's my plan:

  1. Everyone has permission to work in their work area. For most people this will be our classroom, some will be in a dark room. Mr. Falk will assume you're there unless you let him know otherwise.

  2. If you will not be in our classroom or your assigned work area, let Mr. Falk know where you're going before you leave. To do that, text your name and where you're going to 616-240-2251. Where you're going should be directly related to your project (or possibly the bathroom for people who just can't manage to wait until break).  People who abuse the privilege will lose it.

  3. Places that require special permission or are off limits:
  • The Wood Shop: I need to write you a pass for each trip to Wood Shop (during class, at least).  If you can't find me for a pass because I'm off helping another group, you could text me to find my whereabouts.
  • Off Campus: Students need to remain here at school unless you've previously cleared it with Mr. Falk who'll have to run it by the office. If leaving is your plan, at least one day before you want to leave, you need to talk with Mr. Falk and (that day) have a note your parents signed saying where you're going, when you're going, why you're going, and how you're going. Please include a phone number where I can reach your parents.  (Best to write it up yourself and have them sign it.)
  • Photo Experiment Dark Room by the gym: Off limits to everyone who's not part of the project.
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