Speaker Box Design & Construction Project Description

Goal: Gain a well rounded understanding of general audio and selected related topics. You will display your knowledge by building one or more speaker boxes and installing new speakers in them.

Resources: Take advantage of three great books dealing with building speakers and implementing them into different atmospheres for different conditions.
  1. Making the Connection: The Fender Pro Audio Primer by Tom Butler
  2. Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System by David B. Weems
  3. Introduction to Loudspeaker Design by John L. Murphy

Week 1
  1. Spend a day or two looking through Making the Connection to get some information on the basic principles of sound, sound terms, basic sound equipment, and acoustical rules of speaker placement and sound behavior.  If there are things that specifically apply to the type of speaker you'd like to make, focus on those things.  Record what you find in your blog.   
  2. Start reading through Designing, Building, and Testing your Own Speaker System.  Take notes (in your blog, possibly with links) on how a speaker works, speaker enclosures, crossovers, choosing and testing speakers, and building speakers.
  3. If you'd like to use the WMC Wood Shop, print out the Wood Shop Permission Form (below) and ask Mr. DeBoer if he'd be willing to sign it. Please don't ask to go during class, he's probably busy teaching right now; surely you can catch him at some other time.
Week 2
  1. Finish reading through Designing, Building, and Testing your Own Speaker System and taking notes.
  2. Detail how you're going to test the speakers you build in your blog.
  3. Come up with the question you want to ask and turn it in to the green folder.  (See Grading Rubric #4 for more information.)
        Week 3
  1. Begin designing and planning your own speaker.  Record your plans in your blog.
  2. Work toward asking and answering your question if possible.  (see rubric #4)
  3. Go to a local place that uses speakers and note the position of all the speakers. Note any dead spots and write about how you would improve the speaker system in this building. Report this in your notebook/blog making sure to include pictures for me to better see what you're talking about.
Weeks 4 and 5
    1. Build and test your speakers.