Personal Computing Device (PCD) Guidelines

If you have access to a laptop, tablet,...of your own, I encourage you to consider using it for this project.  It may especially come in handy as our netbooks are getting pretty old and slow.  If you get the form filled out, you can use our internet for free.  I probably could also get some hubs in here so you can plug right into the system with an ethernet cord.  Basically you have to follow what's in the school handbook.  For easy reference, here's what it says:

A PCD shall be defined as the following: a notebook/laptop, netbook, tablet/slate, or any other computing device that has productivity software installed.  Productivity software would include any application that allows for the taking of notes and/or creation of file types that are normally used in a school setting. Examples of such are: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, video/image processing, etc.  Use of such devices will be granted by written permission signed by the student, parents, technology coordinator, and the administration via the Personal Computing Device Authorization Form.  A list of students with such permission will be maintained by the technology coordinator and the names will be provided to the staff. Please note:  every teacher will determine the use of PCDs in their classroom.

Use of Data Plan PCDs is allowed with the following conditions: use of the devices, while on WMC property during school hours, will comply with the terms and conditions as outlined in the WMC Computer Acceptable Use Policy and the PCD Permission Form.  Failure to comply will result in the suspension of the privilege for a length of time as determined by the administration.